Get to know Tony

Tony Carbajal was born and raised in sunny southern California. Tony first discovered his love for motorcycles at the early age of 9. He gradually set his sights on sports bikes and found a passion for wheelies and technical stunt riding. Tony began making a name for himself early amongst other riders with his innovative style and technical maneuvers. Tony started touring the country to perform and compete. In 2008, Tony began working as a co-star/rider on Speed TV's show "Superbikes." After several seasons of Superbikes ended, the show Stealth Riders was born. Tony and the team performed at some of the nation's most iconic locations, such as Las Vegas Blvd, the Capital Building, Detroit's Motor City, and more. With many years of TV experience, Tony started a new Film/TV industry journey. Now with an impressive 20 years of experience, Tony has worked directly with several manufacturers such as Kawasaki, Victory, and Indian Motorcycles. Tony has appeared in several popular feature films and television shows, including Fast and Furious 8, Venom 2, Birds of Prey, SWAT, and many more. Additionally, he collaborates with various companies to help promote their products and create captivating content. His expertise and passion for his craft have solidified his reputation as one of the top stunt performers in the motorsports and film industry.